RN Program and Associates Degrees in Nursing (ASN)

You’ve heard the word: nurses are in great demand today and will be for decades to come. Baby boomers and the generation ahead of them aren’t getting any younger — as our population ages, so will our need for medical care. Already there’s a great shortage of nurses and so RN programs have been growing to meet this critical need to train more registered nurses.

The path to graduating from an RN program can take you as little as two years via an associate of science degree in nursing (ASN). Once you complete the RN program you will sit for the NCLEX exam. Pass it, and you will be a registered nurse.

Online RN programs abound. Check with your local community college to see if it has an on campus RN program, or if you can earn your RN degree online. Community colleges are a good first place to check for RN programs because the college almost always is accredited by a body such as  The Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (for college is the Mid-Atlantic states), for example.

Whether you choose a “traditional” RN school or whether you study for your RN degree online, ask the school how many of its graduates pass the NCLEX because this “pass rate” is a good indicator of how good the RN degree program is.

Online RN Programs and Degrees : optimize your life!

If you already are working full-time, or if you have a family to care for or other obligations the “typical” college student may not have, online RN programs may be worth looking into. Online RN programs often are taught by experienced nurses. Some programs require that you be at your computer for “class” at designated times; others let you “go” to class and take on your assignments at times that fit your schedule.

You won’t regret earning an RN degree. The satisfaction you’ll receive helping others is great — as will be the job opportunities.

Two-year RN Programs leading to the ASN Degree

Once you’ve chosen the top schools, considering all factors when making its decision. This includes requirements, tuition, financing options, and student support. Technical support and student counseling programs are important aspects in its decision because of the unique nature of online learning. Finding the best online associate degree in nursing program requires careful consideration of all these factors.

In addition, as an RN, you can work in virtually any specialty of your choosing, including emergency medicine, obstetrics, intensive care, maternity, pediatrics, acute care, continuing care, and numerous others. As an RN, you are guaranteed an endless array of job opportunities, ensuring that you will never be bored.